In member surveys, year after year the ranks as a top member benefit – usually number one or two. Although advertising funds the production of the magazine, people read it for the quality of the editorial content. Whether you are new to the field of human resource information management, or an expert thick in the trenches of utilizing the technology, the is a significant resource. Each issue features domestic and global industry trends, innovative features, quick-read, just-in-time columns, and case histories. The provides the depth of information you and your company needs to assure maximum performance from your HR information processes.

Today, IHRIM members, subscribers and press in the United States, Canada, and globally read the Pass-along readership studies indicate that more than 170,000 people read the publication annually. Demographic surveys show that readers represent a broad range of business and institutions. Nearly 60 percent work in organizations with more than 5,000 employees, and the majority is in management and supervisory positions. Additionally, companies that have international offices employ more than 36 percent of readers.

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