The Online IHRIM Journal is published to build a recognized body of knowledge targeted to current and emerging thought leaders and senior management, and its content is focused on increasing individual and organizational effectiveness in the workplace through visionary and evolving uses of technology.

Published bi-monthly, this resource fosters innovative and strategic thinking in the field of human resource information systems. It is also a forum for high-level (i.e., executive-level, not broad-brush) discussion and debate of current and controversial issues. The Journal focuses on multinational and regional differences around the world, and an exceptional vehicle to attract authors and readers in related fields outside of human resources and information systems.

The Online Journal's content is specifically written for executive management and senior-level Human Resource and Information Technology leadership (e.g., CEOs, CIOs, VPs, and Directors), university professors and students, and other current or emerging thought leaders and visionaries.

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The IHRIM Journal is a publication of the International Association for Human Resource Information Management. All content in the IHRIM Journal is copyrighted by IHRIM, Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly prohibited. Submission of an article to IHRIM and/or its publishing representatives constitutes permission to publish the article in any form or medium under the guidelines of the IHRIM Copyright Transfer Agreement. Articles may be edited for reasons of space and clarity.

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