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  By Bob Greene, Ascentis  

Whether you consider your organization to be small, medium, or large, one of the keys to successful development and deployment of HR service delivery
applications is the recognition that you have several generations at work, and that those generations interact with technology and prefer that technology be delivered to them in very different ways. Recognizing that reality could be the difference in winning the best and the brightest available talent in your industry as "the" employer-of-choice.

  By Tracy Watts and David Slavney, Mercer  

Despite political clamor and all the dysfunction of its website rollout in 2013, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is more than ever a fact of life for organizations and their workforces. Since it became law in 2010, employers have anticipated and planned for the ACA's
implementation, weighing their options, obligations and, in some cases, making dramatic changes by moving workers from company plans to the new generation of private health care exchanges. While it remains too early to chart the fate of health care reform in all its complexity, it's at least possible at this point to get a better sense of its direction..

  Executive Interview  

An interview with Ahmed Limam, Workday practice director, Europe, at Wipro Technologies and Bennett Reddin, chief technology officer and founder of CloudMills where he continues to architect an HR-centric Platform-as-a-Service. Both these HR systems experts have more than 20 years of experience, and in this installment of Point/Counterpoint they answer myriad questions, not the least of which is "Now that SaaS is firmly entrenched as a method of software deployment, is the on-premise method of deployment
on its way to the graveyard to join client-server and mainframe models? Are there organizations that will always need an on-premise solution?


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