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  By Sean McGuire and Bill Ladd, Workday, Inc.  

Chances are, big data can benefit your organization in one way or another. It has the potential of digging out answers in a sea of data to bring out new insights for your business. Exploring the possibilities and capabilities of big data doesn't take much effort due to the number of solutions you can pilot. If big data is something you want to pursue - start by asking questions and engaging the proper HR and IT resources.

  By Carl Schleyer, 3D Results  

I must acknowledge that big data as a concept is in the HR space to stay. Technologically, the time is right: the data sources are certainly voluminous, full of variety, and are coming at us with feverous velocity, but overall, we as an HR function need to retool our skills in order to extract the value that big data offers.

  Executive Interview  

An Interview with John Schwarz, co-founder and CEO, Visier:

According to Mr. Schwarz, the challenge most organizations face regarding big data is not the volume of information, but the diversity, the lack of common identifiers, and the degree of inaccuracy that creeps in when using multiple system sources. Worse, the tools that are available to manage the so called big data are extremely immature, and require a high degree of technical proficiency.


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