HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics
2003 Employee Relations and Employment Systems & Services Buyers Guide
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Driving Success in Workforce Analytics
By Nick Cihak
The three key steps to drive success in workforce analytics include defining human capital, positioning human capital and then adding structure/capability around facilitating its improvement through workforce analytics. If managed effectively, human capital-based workforce analytics will aid HR as it continues to resposition itself away from administrative control and operations, to being a powerful partner in business planning and strategic decision support.

The New Face of HR Metrics
By Peter Howes
Our first challenge is that there has been limited advancement in our thinking on these concepts over the last 20 years. Our second challenge is the large gap for most companies between the ability to conceptualize what effective HR metrics are and the ability to execute in the generation of these metrics from our various HRIS and related systems. Our third challenge is how to develop a stronger analytical capability in which we are able to proactively identify the leading HR indicators that drive diagnosis, resource allocation and HR intervention design.

HR Metrics: They're Not Just for the Private Sector Anymore
By Teresa Pober
The role of the HR professional has evolved from a transaction-oriented manager to a strategic analyst who partners with departments to support organizational goals. Employing HR metrics provides the HR professional with a quantitative approach to measuring employee performance and organizational effectiveness and ensuring the alignment of business strategies with organizational objectives.

2003 Employee Relations and Employment Systems & Services Buyers Guide
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