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Volume XIV, Issue 3  
June/July 2009 US$10.00
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Scott Bolman
Department Editor
Cathy Vilaga, Mercer
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
From Skeptic to Champion: Learning the Value of Good Project Management
By Jacqueline Kuhn, Kuhn Consulting Group

Functional Focus
Best Practices for Targeting, Measuring, and Aligning Learning Solutions
By Julie Ogilvie, SkillSoft

Executive Corner
New Tools for HR Project Management
By Tracy Walker, Verizon Wireless

Global Perspectives
Effective Communications within a Virtual Team
By Jim Pettit, Jeitosa Group International

Tech Notes
Corporate Learning: The Perfect Solution for Corporate Growth
By Marilyn Hoare, HRsmart

In Review
Financial Intelligence for HR Professionals
A book review by Marcia Barkley, MBarkley Consulting

The Back Page
Get with the Program(ers)
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Charting a New Course for Your Human Capital Management Journey
By Heidi Spirgi, Knowledge Infusion
Effective program management and governance has emerged as the critical link to facilitating successful deployment in alignment with business needs. Organizations that establish a strong governance structure with accountability, adhere to proven principles of program management, and leverage key metrics to measure success will be well positioned to achieve their implementation goals.

What Makes a Successful Project Manager Successful?
By Fumiko Kondo, Intellilink Solutions
High project failure rates in many industries make it imperative that organizations evaluate the performance of their project managers and make sure their PM staff measures up in terms of core skills and competencies. Human resources departments can play an important role by understanding the critical and fundamental attributes that define an effective PM and taking positive steps to help their PMs develop those traits.

Project Success – It’s All About Communications
By Kathy Mosgrove, P.Eng., SPHR, PMP, HRPM Consulting
The Project Management for Human Resources (PM4HR) framework provides a simple and scalable project management and communications model to apply to any HR project. The PM4HR framework identifies the key project activities and supporting project management and communications tools by project phases. By following this straightforward model, project communications effectiveness will improve and increase project success.

Project Management and Web 2.0
Jeffrey M. Hill, CPP, PMP, CherryRoad Technologies, Inc.
By allowing open communication across the Web, enabling both co-located and global projects, these collaborative tools have made it possible for cross-cultural, multi-time zone, multi-lingual teams with diverse skill sets to thrive and succeed. They’ve also made it possible for leaders to communicate with their teams and foster the critical elements of team cohesion: acceptance, accountability and trust.

Achieving Organizational Readiness
By Susan E. Leszczewicz, ADP
Today’s executives are expecting an extended period of negative growth and have been working on adapting strategies to the present economic conditions. Setting the right foundation and carrying it through with specific business plans – heavily taking into account the human capital impact – are critical success factors in achieving organizational readiness.

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