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Volume XIV, Issue 2  
April/May 2009 US$10.00
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Bettina Rodriguez Flick, Meta4
Department Editor
Yvette Cameron, SAP
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
What HR Really Needs from Technology is Insight!
By Wes Wu, SystematicHR

Functional Focus
Engineering Strategic Change
By Manel Pérez Jordana, Gallina Blanca Star

Executive Corner
Employee Referrals: Pot of Gold or Lead Weight?
Only Your Data Knows!
By Jeff Higgins & William Gilmyers, Infohrm

Private Eye
A New Look at Security for the Virtual Office
By Carl Bennett, CISSP, Application Outfitters

Tech Notes
Single Sign-On: Relieving the Frustration
By Steve Secora, Kerry Ingredients and Flavours

New in the Market
An Interview with Eric Olden, founder and CEO.

In Review
HR Frontiers: Shifting Borders and Changing Boundaries
A book review by Marcia Barkley, CedarCrestone

The Back Page
A Wrinkle in Time
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Broccoli and Ice Cream:
Balancing Discipline and Innovation
By Thomas Otter, Gartner
Human resources leaders and the technologies that support them are facing complex issues. The demands of organizations under pressure are creating new challenges for HR and HR technologies. Discipline, control and efficiency, seemingly so out of vogue a short while ago, are the new must haves. Balancing these with the potential to innovate will not be easy, but those that do will emerge stronger and more agile.

Social Networking in an Accelerating World
By Greg Thompson, SuccessFactors
Today, social networking is a burgeoning area that brings with it demonstrated highimpact results for the business, as well as for the individuals associated with that business. Forward-thinking solution providers are bringing together HR applications with social networking and collaboration to deliver capabilities and experiences heretofore unimagined in the context of daily business activities.

Watching IT Clouds take Shape
By Jeff Barnard, EMC
In the world of IT hyperspeak, “cloud” has now overtaken “Web 2.0” as the latest industry buzzword. Web 2.0 enables human collaboration; cloud computing will allow application collaboration when humans introduce application services to each other. It gives companies fast, flexible and cost effective deployment choices for IT services. Cloud computing will change how the world gets things done.

Intelligent HR Software:
The Power of Planning Ahead
By José Luis Tamargo, Meta4
If we know how to make the most of intelligent HR software tools, we will gain enormous competitive advantage in our ability to recruit the people we need, in our efforts to retain them, and in our capacity for adapting to organizational and market changes. The main mission for these software tools is to properly align decision support processes in human resources activities with organizational objectives.

Strategy First, Technology Second!
By Michael Carden, Sonar6
The driver behind implementing technology for most organizations is to experience greater efficiency, improved processes and better business results. A talent management system, combined with solid foundational strategies including common terminology definitions, fosters better decisions around people and enables companies to spur real behavioral changes and do a better job of retaining high performers.

Talent Management/
Workforce Planning Buyer’s Guide
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