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Volume XIV, Issue 1  
February/March 2009 US$10.00
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Yazmin Oliveira, Cox Enterprises
Department Editor
Scott A. Bolman, BearingPoint
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
A Matter of Money and Confidence
By Jacqueline Kuhn, Kuhn Consulting Group

Functional Focus
Service Delivery: Why Your Best Choice Is Choice
By A.G. Lambert, Saba Software, Inc.

Executive Corner
Moving HR into the Front Office
By Steve Parker and Ian Turnbull, Jeitosa Group International

Global Perspective
An Insider’s View on HR Outsourcing in Europe:
Survey results on European HR Outsourcing as Viewed by Industry Insider
By Yvette Cameron, SAP and Tim Palmer, PA Consulting Group

New in the Market
Caliber Point Business Solutions, Ltd.
An interview with Ashok Bildikar, President

Tech Notes
Avoiding “Gotcha’s” – Tips and Techniques that
Drive Successful Implementation Projects
By Roy Altman, Peopleserv, Inc.

In Review
2011: Trendspotting for the Next Decade
A book review by Marcia Barkley, CedarCrestone

The Back Page
“Tom, My Computer’s Doing Funny Things”
By Tom Witkin and Elliott Witkin
The Sourcing Strategy –
There’s More Than One Way to Do This!
By Mark Trepanier, EquaTerra
The key to success in building a service delivery model today is applying a structured, well-defined, and principled process to guide you through your design process. Carefully vet your options to ensure you develop an optimized sourcing strategy that leverages the best combination of internal capabilities with alternative delivery models. Then, continually “test the waters” to align your strategy with stakeholders’ expectations.

Discovering the Distinct Benefits of Human Resources Outsourcing
By Terrence McCrossan, ADP
In the end, creating a personalized and tailor-made HR solution for your organization that enables flexibility for both employees and managers and offers ease-of-use and obvious payback are just some of the benefits offered by outsourcing. Through the costeffective strategies that outsourcing offers, companies can save time and unnecessary expenditures, while strengthening infrastructure and turning over business-critical tasks to a skilled business partner to help your organization expand.

Lifting the Fog around SaaS: Hosted and On-Premise Delivery Models for Talent Management and Human Capital Management Solutions
By Jason Corsello with Andy Gebavi, Knowledge Infusion
The pace of change has been fast. Success with software delivery models over the longterm will require both users and vendors to rethink how software deployment strategies and architectures will evolve based on the impact it has on the business. An organization’s business strategy needs to drive the technology decisions, and HR needs to do its due diligence to demonstrate how talent management systems can integrate human capital management within that business strategy.

Integrating Technology into a RPO Strategy
By Patrick James and Robin Hungerford, Ph.D., Spherion
The benefits that can be derived from the implementation of a Recruitment Process Outsourcing strategy can be transforming operationally, but more importantly, transformative with regards to the new level of talent injected into the organization. This article presents a comprehensive list of considerations, requirements and challenges that a RPO technologist has to manage when integrating technology into a RPO strategy. In the end, it is hard, complex work that involves many diverse stakeholders, technologies and competing agendas that are constantly in motion.

HR Outsourcing Specialty Buyer’s Guide
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