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2009 Annual Buyer’s Guide
Volume XIII, Issue 6  
December 2008/January 2009 US$10.00
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Yazmin Oliveira, Cox Enterprises
Department Editor
Ed Colby, Kronos
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
Reorient HRM in Tough Times
By Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D., eePulse, Inc.

Functional Focus
Get Onboard with a First-Class Talent Experience
By Karen Perron, SilkRoad Technology, Inc.

Executive Corner
Streamlining HRMS for a Global Business
By Kay Mason, NorthgateArinso US

Global Perspective
On-Demand English Communication Training
Enables the Global Work Force
By Deepak Desai, GlobalEnglish Corporation

New in the Market
VIPE, Inc.
An Interview with Adam Peterson, CEO

Tech Notes
Achieving a True Enterprise Portal
By Vincent Schoenfelder, CapTech Ventures, Inc.

Private Eye
Will Your Body Betray You?
By Ian Turnbull, Laird & Greer Management Consultants

In Review
The Talent Powered Organization: Strategies for Globalization,
Talent Management and High Performance
A book review by Marcia Barkley, CedarCrestone

The Back Page
Don’t Ask “Y”
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
The HCM Vendor Landscape:
The Evolution of the “Core HRMS” Segment
By James Holincheck, Gartner
Human Resources was on the leading edge of technology waves such as client/server solutions in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and Web-based solutions and the Softwareas- a-Service (SaaS) delivery models in the late 1990s. Most organizations have come a long way in their use of HR technology, especially core HRMS solutions. They have automated many manual processes, lowered the cost of HR service delivery, and improved the quality and velocity of HR information. Certainly, there is still room to improve in some of these basics, but these solutions have set a strong foundation for the future.

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t:
Movements in the HRO Provider Landscape
By Synco Jonkeren, EquaTerra
In the human resources outsourcing industry, there are many success stories; however there are also failures and retreats resulting in the current, rugged provider landscape. If, in your future, there is increased pressure to reduce costs and/or to transform your HR function and you would be considering outsourcing as one of your delivery options, it would be wise to take into account the changing landscape of service providers. Because you want the provider you choose today to be around tomorrow.

And Then There Were Some:
Consolidation in the Talent Management Market
By Lisa Rowan, IDC
Much like in a Darwinian way, a market can't thrive if there are too many players with too little differentiation among them. You need look no further than Anheuser-Busch to see that no company is immune from acquisition, no matter how old or how large. As a client of one or more talent management offerings, it is important that you stay agile and alert as the only thing that will remain constant is change. We have not seen the end of the consolidation road in talent management.

Oracle’s Fusion: SOA Sweet (Suite)
By Calvin “Cal” Yonker, CedarCrestone
Oracle’s acquisition of PeopleSoft touched off a massive consolidation of the technology landscape. Unfortunately, Oracle’s initial communication and marketing efforts were confusing, leading to misconceptions and misunderstandings; some of which lingers with us today, especially around the term Fusion. Still, Oracle’s recent actions and messaging are bringing clarity to its intent, as well as how the HR community can benefit from Fusion Middleware.

Show Me the Value! What You Should Expect from Your Technology Partner
By Katharina Müllers-Patel, Ph. D., SAP America, Inc.
As value delivery is a critical consideration, your technology vendor/partner should not be selected based solely on their software capabilities. Instead, they should also be judged on their ability to support your organization consistently throughout the entire value life cycle, their expertise in doing so, whether supporting services are free or feebased, and how they provide you access to peers on all levels – IT, business and executives – in like companies.

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