Navigating the HRIT Outsourcing Marketplace
HR Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide
Volume XIII, Issue 4  
August/September 2008 US$10.00
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Carey Ellinghaus, Valmont Industries, Inc.
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
Outsourcing, HR Confidence and Relational Capital:
Critical Connections for Strategic HRM
By Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D., eePulse, Inc.

Functional Focus
Traditional HRMS Solutions Fall Short in the Quest for
Hiring the Best Field Workers
By Steve Earl, Kronos Incorporated

Small to Medium Business
Moving Payroll Outside
By Jeffrey Williams, Sage Software

Private Eye
Preventing ID Theft and Ensuring Data Security:
Take Steps to Secure Employee Confidential Information
By Raeann Hofkin, CPP

Tech Notes
Applying On-demand Integration Principles to Managing a Distributed HCM Process
By David Clarke, Workday, Inc.

The Back Page
You Sure Know How to Pick ‘em
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Changing Tides: Shifts in the HR Outsourcing Marketplace – and How to Navigate Them
By Lowell Williams, EquaTerra
The changes in the HRO marketplace require different responses from organizations approaching outsourcing. Service providers are focusing more on core processes, new players are entering the market, and economic uncertainty is prompting some middlemarket companies to consider outsourcing to reduce costs. While that combination may create challenge for HRO buyers as they navigate a shifting marketplace, it also promises more outsourcing options and opportunities for increased value.

HR Climbing Aboard the Globalization Train
By Cheri Brown and John Cooper, The Hackett Group
Human resources offshoring (either through outsourcing or captives) is something many companies are already utilizing, or will begin to shortly. The cost savings opportunities, particularly when combined with transformation, are impossible to ignore. But there are significant risks that need to be addressed, and companies that address these risks and proceed along a carefully planned growth path will reap the greatest benefits.

Seven Steps to a Successful HR Transformation
By Rosemary Collins, TPI
Many HR organizations look for outside expertise to help develop and implement transformation plans, however if there is no executive support for an HR transformation plan, then there is no chance of achieving its objectives. Think of executive support and team buy-in as the oxygen supply of any successful business transformation. There is no better test of HR's business acumen than taking the time to properly plan and execute its own business transformation.

Real-world RPO: Why do it, what it means and what it takes to make it work.
By Wendy Wick and Dave Marzo, Futurestep
Regardless of the size and complexity of the relationship, companies must recognize the need to take action for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to be successful. Companies focused on building long-term relationships and improving maturity levels and quality will benefit from a total RPO solution and achieve a true competitive advantage.

Outsourcing: The Opening of Pandora’s Box
By Sybil Mack, Lexmark International, Inc.
When we first experienced the results of outsourcing, it seemed that whatever could go wrong did go wrong. But, because of that outsourcing experience, we now make decisions that enable us to meet our customers’ needs more rapidly and deliver quality services. Being smarter about outsourcing and the pitfalls that can happen better prepares you to deal with challenges when they arise.

A Trip to the Future of BPO
By Gianni Giacomelli, SAP
The successful future of BPO in 2008 and beyond will rely on the ability of business process outsourcing providers to standardize and harmonize business processes and underpin them with appropriate technology that can make HR benefit from – and drive – better business alignment. BPO will improve alignment of general and administrative business functions, but smart technology usage is a prerequisite.

HR Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide
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