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Volume XIII, Issue 2  
April/May 2008 US$10.00
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David Moore, SPHR
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
Idea Management: A Critical Part of Total Rewards
By Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D., eePulse, Inc.

Functional Focus
Consumer Engagement:
Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Health Activation
By Noel Obourn, Revolution Health

Executive Corner
Controlling Cost Overruns during Program Design
By Tonda Franklin, Deloitte Consulting, LLP

Global Perspective
Employee Engagement in a Global Organization:
An HR Leadership Opportunity
By Ted Mersino, PivotalGrowth, Inc.

New in the Market
An Interview with David Jones, HealthGrades, Inc.

Small to Medium Business
Low Cost Employee Benefits on the Small Business Budget
By Dan Rice,

Private Eye
HR Privacy Consulting: Is this the right career path for you?
An interview with two HR privacy consultants, Dr. Donald Harris and Ian Turnbull, about the emerging field of privacy consulting.

Tech Notes
Software-as-a-Service Comes of Age
By Rich Watson, ADP

The Back Page
HR Can Be Ruff
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Succeeding in Global Compensation and Benefits
By Maura Pallera,
The key to effective global compensation management for organizations operating overseas is to recognize that every country is different and a one size-fits-all approach does not translate to success in the global economy. Being aware of the specific pay and benefits practices around the world and taking a data-driven approach to compensation management can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to managing complexities in compensating the work force.

Strategies to Successfully Manage Absenteeism
By Gil Sullivan, Kronos Incorporated
Automated scheduling tools in a total absence management solution allow managers to quickly identify the most appropriate and cost-effective replacements for an absent employee — based on seniority, skills and actual hours worked to manage overtime — while minimizing operational disruptions. Work demands continue to be met, labor costs are contained and productivity is maintained.

Consumer Health Care Finance Technology will be Driven by Employers
By Teresa O’Keefe, ConnectYourCare
Employers can look for solutions that provide them a migration path to consumerdirected health care by exploring the philosophies of account based health plans and HSAs. Flexibility is important when considering long term relationships with health plans and flexibility for their employees to maintain their HSA portal, even if they no longer work for the company.

The Profit Contribution of Onboarding
By David J. Dell, Ph.D. and Ernest P. Canali, HRTechTeam
Today, any HR department that has not made sure it is effectively leveraging its systems to automate onboarding processes is seriously delinquent. Automating onboarding processes contribute profit even before new employees start to earn a paycheck; they really start earning their keep from the first day and can deliver many derivative benefits longer term.

Benefits, Compensation & Learning Management Buyer’s Guide
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