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Benefits/Compensation Buyer’s Guide
Volume XIII, Issue 1  
February/March 2008 US$10.00
A Publication of the International Association for Human Resource Information Management •

Carlos Diaz, Meta4
Department Editor
Sherry Green, ADP Enterprise Sales
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
Excel at project delivery – be like a duck.
By Jacqueline Kuhn, OfficeMax

Executive Corner
Creating the HR Value Proposition
By Enrique Martin, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Global Perspective
Integration and Diversity
By Rodolfo Gonzalez Gatica, Consultant

Small to Medium Business
How Workforce Optimization and Bottom-line
Benefits can be Achieved through HCM Best Practices
By Malysa O’Connor, Kronos Incorporated

Tech Notes
SOA – What’s All the Commotion?
Tim Lavery, SeKON Enterprise, Inc.

New in the Market
HR’s One-Stop Shop
Kay Mason, ARINSO – a Northgate company

The Back Page
I Used to Excel in VisiCalc
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Setting a Context for Human Resources and Web 2.0
By Wesley Wu, Towers Perrin
As we gain greater understanding of Web 2.0 technology and how it can be used, more doors will open to new HR processes and to expanded opportunities for the corporation as a whole. Many of these new technology applications will be brought to us by vendors, but many still can be implemented quickly and easily without the purchase of software.

Organization Modeling for the Real World
By Roy Altman, Peopleserv, Inc.
Recently, organization modeling solutions from several vendors have appeared on the market. Organization modeling can be useful as a tactical aid to other mission-critical applications, and as part of a strategy to more effectively automate the enterprise. Without it, many applications will continue to work sub-optimally.

Google's Impact on the Enterprise:
What Does it Mean to HR?
By Jason Corsello and Jason Averbook, Knowledge Infusion
The “Googlization” of the enterprise is now impacting positive change in HR. Human Resources and HR technology vendors are now faced with the opportunity to leverage new innovation and usability standards for the enterprise that can have dramatic affects on productivity, employee engagement and business outcomes.

Total Cost of Ownership
By Don Glade, Sourcing Analytics, Inc.
By using TCO to baseline and benchmark current cost, then using TCO to project future costs in differing environments an organization can develop a more accurate ROI calculation. A much greater level of accountability can be established, which is particularly important if outsourcing is the chosen path.

Intelligent Processes:
An Unprecedented Challenge for HCM Solutions
By Mark Sabbagh, Meta4
If organizations are truly to meet the new market requirements, software configurability and intelligent processes will become ever more critical. Software-as-a-Service, Web 2.0, and integrated rich user experiences are well positioned for this deployment. Will software vendors be able to deliver more intelligent and easy-to-deploy HCM solutions to organizations planning to adopt talent management?

Benefits/Compensation Buyer’s Guide
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