Strategies for the Inevitable Baby Boomer Talent Gap
Compensation/Payroll Systems &
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Volume XII, Issue 5  
October/November 2007 US$10.00
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Mark Stelzner, Inflexion Advisors
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
The “Tweeners” – The generation that works hard and plays hard
By Jacqueline Kuhn, OfficeMax

Function Focus
Preparing for the Elder Care Explosion: How Organizations Can Keep Employee-Caregivers Happy, Healthy and Productive
By Dr. Marion Somers, Hunter College's Brookdale Center on Aging

Private Eye
Controlling Spyware Risk
By Victor Karl CISSP, CISA , Ceridian Corporation

Talking With
Bernadette Kenny
Adecco Group North America

Inner Circle

Riding the Wave of a Changing Workforce: How HR Executives Can Prepare Their Organizations for a “New Kind of Leader”

By Ron A. Carucci, Passages Consulting, LLC

Tech Notes
Concept Mapping: A Tool for Representing and Sharing Expert Knowledge
By Barbara Bowen, Sound Knowledge Strategies, LLC

Mixed Bag: Aligning & Managing HR Service Delivery
The Retirement Crisis: Challenges and Guidance for Your Aging Employees
By Steve Zaleznick, Longevity Alliance

The Back Page
Making a Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear
Elliott Witkin
Deficits Abound – A Worker and Workplace Dilemma
By Rick Lee, Magellan Health Services
The retirement crisis has created a significant stir in the human resources divisions of employers, both public and private. It seems common knowledge that there will not be enough workers and the ones that hold jobs will lack the maturity of their parents and predecessors. There is no time like the present for employers to develop strategies for extending work and wellness into the pre-retiree and retiree-aged working population. Without sufficient strategies aimed at keeping the healthy workers healthy, a dire perspective takes shape for running American businesses from 2020 on.

Planning for the Golden Years Requires Education
By Greg Brooks, Convergys Employee Care
Beyond understanding the basics, employees should be prepared for the “what ifs” they will face when they are ready to retire. For organizations that use their total rewards as a strategic means of attracting, motivating and retaining talent, delivering a means for employees to fully understand the benefits provided and how to protect their future can strengthen the impact of those programs. Providing education to support retirement planning not only helps employees while they’re on the job, but also ensures they are financially prepared for life after leaving the workforce.

Addressing Labor Shortage through Virtual Office and Telework Arrangements
By Kristina Gribovskaja, Runzheimer International
In times of an increasingly competitive market for talent, the principal challenge for HR departments is not only finding and attracting new candidates but retaining existing employees who continue to create value for the company. As employers and their HR departments continue to devise and improve their talent management strategies, serious consideration should be given to implementing or expanding virtual office programs as a means of abating labor shortages. Telework, remote work or virtual work programs, when properly designed, are key differentiators to help organizations create competitive advantage by winning the war for talent.

401(k) Plans – In a Multi-Generational Workforce
By Tim Phoenix and Joseph Rosalie, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Employers must apply speed and quality to confront the bewildering array of investment, record keeping, and communications services that create challenges to the effectiveness of their plans. Progress to improve 401(k) plan effectiveness is possible on all fronts and employers can – and must – work through the issues, using both creativity and sober business investment analysis of their strategic needs. A transformed 401(k) plan can help lift an entire human resources strategy through its thoughtful collaboration efforts, perception of reward for effort, and expressed interest and concern for the future of its workers.

Compensation/Payroll Systems & Services Buyer's Guide
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