Dashboards: The Visual Paradigm for Business Intelligence
Annual Mid-Year Source Guide
Volume XII, Issue 3  
June/July 2007 US$10.00
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Alexia Martin, CedarCrestone
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
System Support: It Makes All the Difference
By Jacqueline Kuhn, OfficeMax

Function Focus
What’s Love Got To Do With It
By Anne Nimke, Pinstripe and Rosette Cataldo, Knowledge Management Systems

Private Eye
Management of Employee Information: Beyond the Employee Privacy Notice
By Christine Ravago, Ernst & Young

Inner Circle
Dashboard-Driven: How We Became Addicted to Our Own Business Intelligence Tool
By Steve Carlson, TriNet

Tech Notes
OLAP: Making Workforce Analytics Easy – A Foundation for Making Human Capital
By Mary Ann Downey, ING

Mixed Bag: Aligning & Managing HR Service Delivery
Watching employee satisfaction from your rear view mirror? How sources of real-time data can help address employee satisfaction issues before you're driving on empty
By Amanda Trombley, Beeliner Surveys

Solutions for 10K or Less
Dashboards on a Dime
By Jeremy Shapiro, Hodes iQ Talent Management System

Talking With
Babak Varjavandi
Nakisa Inc.

The Back Page
Giving it the Old College Try
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Dashboards and Scorecards: The New Face of Business Intelligence
By Wayne Eckerson, The Data Warehouse Institute
Dashboards and scorecards are the key tools in a performance management discipline that enables executives to communicate strategies in a customized way to each employee and monitor the execution of those objectives to fine-tune the organization and keep it on track.

The Human Resources Dashboard: Visualizing Employee Data to Drive Business Strategy
By David Ludlow, mySAP ERP Solution Management
Human resources managers in particular are benefiting from dashboard technology as they receive fresh, actionable information to address ongoing trends, streamline employee management processes and align the HR department with key business goals.

Maximizing Workforce Analytics Through Dashboards
By Joanne Bintliff-Ritchie, DoubleStar, Inc.
With workforce analytics dashboards shared company-wide, data-driven workforce decisions from the executive level to line managers are enabling companies to optimize their most critical but last-addressed area for improving operational efficiencies and business performance outcomes.

Benchmarking and its Role on Dashboards
By Brian Kelly, Infohrm and Scott Pollak, Saratoga
Benchmarking is an approach whereby organizations evaluate various aspects of their processes in relation to best practice, usually within their own industry sector. In this article, two well known companies answer several questions to help readers understand the value of providing benchmark data for strategic planning and investments.

Meaningful Dashboards for HR Operations
By Rob Eidson, Deloitte Consulting
The purpose of this article is not to devalue, in any way, strategic HR metrics, but it is meant to place a value on those day-to-day operational metrics and improve the operational capability of HR. The author describes what an “HR Operations” dashboard should and should not look like – and looks at what it takes to make a dashboard meaningful, relevant and useful.

The Trick to HR Measurement is that It's Not Just the Numbers or the Interface
By Dr. John W. Boudreau, University of Southern California and Peter M. Ramstad, The Toro Company
Human Resources will never have measures that are equally significant to Finance or Marketing so long as they only focus on the activities or benefits of the HR function or programs. To be relevant “at the table,” HR must focus on and help talent decisions wherever they are made – by operating and executive management.

Visualizing Organizational Metrics from Web-based Organization Charts
By Jim Candler, Human Concepts
The implementation of a centralized, Web-based organization charting platform can provide a return on investment normally reserved for multi million dollar dashboard systems at a fraction of the cost. It might be best to review these systems before investing heavily in an executive dashboard system.

Annual Mid-Year Source Guide
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