HR Challenges in Higher Education
Benefits and Compensation Buyer’s Guide
Volume XII, Issue 1  
February/March 2007 US$10.00
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Michael W. McLaughlin, Mindshare Consulting, LLC
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
Overcoming HR Challenges in Higher Education
By Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D., University of Michigan

Private Eye
Disposal Suspension: Are You Prepared When the Summons Comes?
By Jeffrey D. Bridges, Cadence Group

Tech Notes
Planning for New Technology
By Dennis Bortolus, CedarCrestone

Mixed Bag: Aligning & Managing HR Service Delivery
How to Assess Service Delivery Options for Higher Education Human Resources
By Marc Pramuk, Everest Research Institute

Talking With
Deborah Elias-Smith
SunGard Higher Education

In Review
Reviews of timely books and articles

The Back Page
Too Bad Nothing Rhymes with “Project”
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Tapping Into Diverse Communities Online
By Michael George, Vurv Technology
The impending war for talent is causing organizations to arm themselves with the technology necessary to fight and win the talent they need. The tools are available but higher education will need to work even harder to reach into these diverse communities, leveraging strong messaging and high touch to inspire passion in a new generation of educators.

Self-Service Technologies Help HR Play a Greater Role
By Michael Dillon and Amy Little, Ciber, Inc.
Providing access to self-service processes for students, staff, and faculty offers important cost reductions, time savings and resource re-allocation benefits for the HR department. But self-service processes contribute to even greater benefits for the institution as a whole. In the coming years, higher education institutions will be faced with a number of new challenges, and self-service features will position these organizations to better address those issues.

Negotiating the Labyrinth of Employee Privacy
By Edward Bardelli, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Although the legal landscape imposes many obligations on public and private employers when dealing with employee privacy issues, there are several practical things an employer can do to limit any potential liability if an issue arises that requires the employer to monitor an employee. Staying aware of your legal obligations along with applying and enforcing practical policies will help you navigate the labyrinth of employee privacy.

What Academic Programs are Necessary to Prepare Students for the Human Resources Profession?
By Vincent Pellettiere SPHR, Ph.D. and Terri Hoehne SPHR, Aurora University
Students need academic programs that provide them with the tools and understanding to become effective HR professionals and earn a seat at the senior management table. It is important for both students and academic institutions to recognize what educational programs are necessary to prepare our future HR talent, and to modernize their current curriculum to emphasize the business-centric learning outcomes needed today.

Benefits and Compensation Buyer's Guide
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