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Volume XI, Issue 5  
October/November 2006 US$10.00
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Steve Secora, WMS Gaming
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
How to Break Your Chains and Exit Your Cave
By David Salyers, Information Builders, Inc.

Private Eye
Privacy Implication: Production-quality Data in Test Environments
By Anne Clifford, EquaTerra

Function Focus
Automating Turnover, Vacancy and Loss Analysis Reporting at Lahey Clinic
By Genice Turner, Lahey Clinic and France Lampron, Nuvosoft, Inc.

Tech Notes – Solutions for 10K or Less
Improving Your Productivity in Managing HR Data Overnight
By Sam Lin, and Gerald Falkowski,
University of Minnesota

Inner Circle
Moving HR from Automation to a Value-Added Business Necessity
By Raghav Singh, SPHR

Talking With
Andy Cohen, SuccessFactors

The Back Page
Guess Who’s Coming to Work?
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
The Rock: Mirroring the Security Measures of Alcatraz in an HRIS
By Sybll K. Romley, SPECTRUM Human Resource Systems Corp.
When it comes to HR system security, the security measures have to be double that of The Rock – we have to prevent criminals from breaking into confidential workforce data and from extracting information from the system. These security measures, along with building an iron-tight structure, testing the HR system for security flaws, implementing compliance and privacy initiatives, and forming a strong disaster recovery plan will make any HR system a fortress, just like Alcatraz.

Islands of Information
By Michael Gerthe, Gerthe & Associates
Most companies have them: those nifty applications someone built to handle an aspect of salary planning, or perhaps it was company directory information, or even spot stock awards. Whatever its original purpose was, it’s still around. So why do they spring up? Does this practice go away? What’s the concern anyway? When is it OK to build them? Start with an inventory, find out the who, what, where, when, and why for all your uncharted “islands of information.” Don’t wait until you run aground before you act.

Beyond Cost-Savings: HR Outsourcing for the Mid-Market
By Tim Hughes, Empagio
In the mid-market, HR BPO must be utilized as a strategic investment that enables companies to make transformational changes within their organizations. Human Resources BPO engagements that are built around transformational change will not only reduce direct HR costs, but will lead to top-line improvements, as well. Examining the sum of these two elements will give mid-market companies an accurate picture of the total benefits they can realize from HR BPO.

You Know Your Options – But Which One Fits Your Mid-sized Company Best?
By Dusty Rhodes, SCI Companies
Solving the human resources service delivery (and outsourcing) dilemma is a challenge that most small to midsize companies have. There are five key solution components that should be deployed in your decision-making process. Utilizing these components, you will not only permanently solve the ongoing issues associated with HR service delivery, but you will transform your HR and IT departments into competitive weapons focused on your core business, instead of being administrative bureaucracies and budget sinkholes.

Compensation/Payroll Systems & Services Buyer's Guide
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