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Benefits and Compensation Buyer’s Guide
Volume XI, Issue 1  
February/March 2006 US$10.00
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Mark Stelzner, EquaTerra Public Sector, LLC
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In My Opinion
A Clarion Call to HR and OD Professionals
By Dean Robb, Ph.D., Robb Consulting, LLC

Private Eye
New Challenges for Employers in Document and Messaging Management
By Jon Neiditz, Lord, Bissell & Brook LLP

Talking With
Glenn A. Pettigrew, C.M.A., General Manager,
ADP Enterprise Payroll Services

Function Focus
Navigating the Organization Spider Web: Succession Planning in the Public Sector
By Trudy V. M. Gygi, WisdomNet, Inc.

Solutions for 10K or Less
Training Trends and Solutions for Small Organizations
By JoAnn Mills Laing, Information Strategies, Inc.

Inner Circle
The Ins, Outs and Benefits of Consolidated
Multinational Organizations
By Bill Thomas, Ceridian

Next Gen Workplace
E-learning: From Level I to Level IV of Interactivity
By Mark A. Lange, Entelisys Technologies
  Tech Notes  
  Managing Personnel Records in the Era of E-government  
  By Michelle Gaines, Port of Portland  
  Mixed Bag: Aligning & Managing HR Service Delivery  
  Medicare Part D: The Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act – A Guide for Employers and Retirees  
  By Chris Cameron, Main Street Insurance  
  The Back Page  
  They Used to be Even Funnier  
  By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software  
From Zero to Hero in Five Easy Steps
By Deborah D. Hirsh, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
This article describes how metrics and professional recruitment processes
helped the United States’ second largest urban school district transform itself from the employer of last resort to an employer of first resort. No longer the state of California’s “problem child” with regards to teacher quality, the
LAUSD is now the model district for all others to emulate. A full 98 percent of
LAUSD’s teachers now either possess a teaching credential or are NCLB qualified interns who possess demonstrated expertise in their subject areas. The author shares the five “easy” steps to creating and managing a successful recruitment program.

HR Optimization Through Shared Services: The State of Michigan’s Experience
By James D. Farrell, State of Michigan
In answer to the legislature and the administration, the state of Michigan went about the combining of 18 different HR operations into one HR shared services center serving approximately 55,000 employees. The project got underway in 2003 and came to be known as HR Optimization. It was structured with one overall project manager and three leaders for each of the sub-areas of the project. Those included the consultant team, the state’s IT team and the state’s business team. The overall project manager had responsibility to ensure that the project was delivered on time and on budget. The project was completed on time and on budget, and is tracking to save the state about US$24 million.

Creating a New Future for a Downsizing Organization
By Dr. Frank Benest, City of Palo Alto, California
In order to help create the new vital future for a downsized and restructured
local government, executives must understand that the psychological impacts of downsizing seriously exacerbate the actual reductions in resources. Employees typically feel victimized, pessimistic, overwhelmed and resistant to any change or opportunities. An executive cannot manage an organization’s way to a new more vital future. Rather, an executive must spend a lot of “facetime” with employees, exerting visible, confident, optimistic leadership, and then engaging employees in creating a new story and fulfilling it. Even in a downsizing local government, most of an organization’s resources will be in people. People resources are the only “expandable” resources. Leadership – the ability to bring out the best in others through one’s interpersonal, moral and even spiritual attributes – can expand people resources.

Benefits and Compensation Buyer's Guide
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