Building a Performance-Driven Culture
2005 Compensation/Payroll Systems &
Services Buyer’s Guide
Volume X, Issue 5  
October/November 2005 US$10.00
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From the Editor
David Salyers, Information Builders, Inc.
Jason Averbook, Knowledge Infusion
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
Technology, Community and the High-Performance Workplace
By Dean Robb, Ph.D., Robb Consulting, LLC

Private Eye
Data Breaches and Their Impact on HR
By Don Harris, HR Privacy Solutions

Function Focus
“People” Improvement Using Assessment
By Dr. Jack Smith, The Devine Group

Solutions for 10K or Less
Successful Change – Communication and Partnership is Key
By Pete Ashey, PlatformOne

Inner Circle
Transform your HRIT into a Strategic Asset
Terry Masters, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Next Gen Workplace
The Five Foundations of Next Generation HRO Technology
By Snehal Shah, iEmployee

Tech Notes
Has manager self-service lived up to its hype?
By Pramod Agrawal, CedarCrestone

Talking With
Danny Ertel, Vantage Partners

The Back Page
First Class Needs an Upgrade
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Putting the “Strategic” into Workforce Planning
By Stacy Chapman, Aruspex
Workforce planning is a vital and valuable process for organizations
to undertake. Embedding it into your organization’s business
strategy process will enable you to recognize the roles critical to
strategy delivery; to articulate your capability and capacity for
delivering the strategy; and most importantly, to know you have
the actions in place to deliver.

Out of the HR Closet and Into the Operational Spotlight
By David Stein, Workbrain
Because labor costs are the single biggest expense on the income statement in most industries, workforce performance is a major driver of corporate performance. Even seemingly small changes in workforce productivity can have a huge impact on the bottom lines of large organizations. By driving innovation in the front-line people- processes, HR can attain the full heights of its strategic value.

The Evolution of Organizational Charting: From Essential Charting to Strategic Platform
By Martin Sacks, HumanConcepts
From communicating roles and responsibilities to headcount reports and other HR analytics, we’re now seeing org charting playing a critical role in regulatory compliance. The penalties for noncompliance, where timely customer communications are concerned, are getting steep and the issue is coming to the forefront in companies from all industry segments.

Today’s Workforce Performance Management Systems: Have we Forgotten About the Employee?
By Rob Bernshteyn, SuccessFactors
Achieving significant increases in employee engagement and performance efficiency is a real and timely challenge for the human resources community. The solutions required call for the right mix of process modification and supporting technologies. When selecting and deploying these chosen technologies, it is critical to not lose focus on arguably the most important constituent: the end user.

Creating a Performance-Driven Culture
By Tracy Martin, Saba and James Harvey, Consultant
Together, technology and business processes can bridge the gap between strategy and execution, driving the development of successful learning and reward programs that will ultimately be a competitive advantage, enabling people to become more effective and efficient in their roles and aligning business activities to increase shareholder value.

Compensation/Payroll Systems & Services Buyer's Guide
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