Good Decisions Rely on Good Data
2005 Outsourcing Buyer’s Guide
Volume X, Issue 4  
August/September 2005 US$10.00
A Publication of the International Association for Human Resource Information Management •
Susan Leszczewicz, ADP Enterprise Services Group
Guest Editor

In My Opinion
Leaders Talk About Executing Strategy
Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D., eePulse Inc.

Private Eye
The Eye in the Sky: GPS Systems, Workplace Efficiency and Employee Privacy
By Lewis L. Maltby, National Workrights Institute

Function Focus
Increasing the Effectiveness of E-learning
By Paul Patti, Concord Communications

HRIS in the Small to Midsize Market
How to Find the Right Consultant
By Tonja Slawinski, Supportive Solutions, Inc.

HRMS Management Perspectives
Leveraging HR Information for Business Decisions
By Peter Howes, InfoHRM Pty Ltd

Tech Notes
Putting High Touch Back in Your High Tech Recruitment Efforts
By Carl Kutsmode, Capital H Group

Talking With
Marc S. Miller,

The Back Page
A Fairy-Tale Job
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
HR Data in Harm’s Way: Be Very Afraid!
By Brian Sommer, TechVentive
More open technologies, smarter employees, emboldened cyberterrorists, third parties, etc. are making your HR data potentially less secure. This could be especially critical whenever sensitive data is placed with firms that are in countries where your firm and its employees have little or no legal recourse. If something happens to that information, your firm will likely be liable.

HR Data Quality: Why It Matters… and How to Get There From Here
By John Sopoci and Tom Keebler, Towers Perrin
As HR moves away from administration and toward being a strategic business partner, its technology and data will be critical in determining its role in the organization. Keeping data clean starts with developing an overall HR technology strategy if you do not have one already in place. In creating this strategy, companies should seek to develop one system of record for each category of data, or a master system into which all HR data is entered and resides.

What a Wonderful (Wireless) World Will It Be?
By Noel Hannon, Hannon Associates
I began serious reflection on the topic of the wireless, yet connected, world while in Reno at this year’s IHRIM conference. Whenever a break in the action occurred, the halls were crowded with attendees on their phones checking, or using their Personal Digital Assistant devices (PDA) accessing, e-mails. It seems that there is no such thing as being inaccessible anymore. But, are we getting closer to the converged device capable of doing all that we want, and what are the data privacy ramifications?

Streamlining E-Recruitment at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: A Case Study
By France Lampron, Nuvosoft, Inc.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center utilizes the PeopleSoft application for its human resources needs and implemented the eBenefits and eRecruitment modules a few years ago. Like many organizations, BIDMC is evaluating its current system’s components to gain more efficiency for employees and to derive greater value from its system. To reach this goal, a review of current HR processes and systems was used to get more out of these applications.

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