Bottom Line Impacts
2005 Mid-Year Source Guide
Volume X, Issue 3  
June/July 2005 US$10.00
A Publication of the International Association for Human Resource Information Management •
Kristie Evans
Guest Editor

Private Eye
Securing Employee Privacy
W. Scott Blackmer, Esq.

Function Focus
Payroll and Sarbanes-Oxley
By Keith Rodgers,Webster Buchanan Research

HRIS in the Small to Midsize Market
A Field Of Dreams: Financials and Human Capital Management at Case Western Reserve University
By Carolyn Gregory and Jack George, Case Western Reserve University

HRMS Management Perspectives
Mining the Hidden Gold of “Forgotten” HRMS Modules
By Ron Hanscome, Oracle

Tech Notes
Open Systems and Service Oriented Architecture
By Vincent Schoenfelder, CapTechVentures Inc.

Talking With
Brian Kelly, DoubleStar Inc.

The Back Page
The Day After the Day After Tomorrow
By Elliott Witkin, Ultimate Software
Sourcing 360º Workforce Analytics
By Jamie Barrette, ClarityMatters
While companies are beginning to embrace the impact their human capital investment has on profitability, they are challenged when it comes to a systemic method of measuring ROI. True human capital management is achievable when all-inclusive 360° Workforce Analytics are available as reliable management tools.

Winning with Complexity While Navigating at Warp-Speed
By Saj-nicole A. Joni, Ph.D., Cambridge International Group Ltd.
The very nature of exploding communications and abundant, redundant information creates chaos in itself. Chaos that technology actually looks to avert becomes a congestion of “noise” by virtue of today’s over-abundance of communication through 24/7 asynchronous channels. How do you maintain a 50,000-foot perspective in the midst of information overload? Enter into this chaos Third Opinion counsel – the Third Opinion as an outside perspective uninfluenced by a personal agenda.

Oracle Buys PeopleSoft (and J.D. Edwards, too) – Now What Do I Do?
By Mark Rapier, Watson Wyatt Worldwide
The ink on the Oracle/PeopleSoft deal is barely dry. This is a marvelous opportunity to create better HR through technology. Not only can you re-evaluate your IT infrastructure, you can reexamine your entire service delivery strategy. These opportunities do not come along very often. Create a goal for HR transformation and let that drive your HRMS selection, not the other way around. Take advantage of the times, make good things happen, learn much and enjoy the ride..

Growing the Business and Controlling Costs through Human Resources Management: A Case Study
By Debra Terry and Greg Stannard, BECU
Rapidly-growing Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) faced a common challenge; the need to control costs and provide superior service. Its employees had more than doubled in five years and its HR processes were consuming too much time and resources. This case study elaborates on BECU’s strategy to not only lower expenses and increase services, but also to utilize their HR staff in more strategic activities.

2005 Mid-Year Source Guide
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